It all started with internal lifting activities inside Asturi. Over the years with wide range of equipments and facilities; that we have possessed, we have decided to strengthten our position by entering open market business via subsidiary Asturi Truck & Crane Sdn. Bhd. (ATC), which we established in December 2009.

Within short period, this subsidiary has created good impact in the East Cost of Malaysia, as we are the only heavy lifting company which have all the facilities stationed in this region (Kuantan).

Due to our strategic location, we are able to provide competitive pricing to all our clients which are based within the facility.

During the past 2 years, our experience in heavy lifting has improved in numbers.

  • Model : Cometto (Made in Italy)
  • 24 line Axle in 4 modular
  • 192 wheelers
  • 6 Axle
  • 3 units
  • 6 Axle (Self Propelled)
  • 1 unit
  • Power Pack (Mercedes)
  • 1 unit
  • Prime Mover(MAN)
  • 2 units
  • Turntable
  • 2 unit
  • Capable of carrying up to 720mt, 100m length & 12.5m height.

Multi Axle with Prime Mover

Delivery of Charge Gas Dryer Vessels to Kerteh, Terengganu
Delivery of Section Scrubber to Pasir Gudang, Johor


The transport fleet ranges from 3 tons Lorry to Low Loader 5 Axle trailers, along with Prime Movers of various rated capacities.

The mix of assets enables the division to meet a variety of haulage needs, whether they related to the movements of equipment, modules or any other loads of different shapes, sizes and weights.

Delivery of Downstream Cooler using Prime Mover with Low Loader 5 Axle (Flat Bed)
1. Low Loader 5 Axle (Flat Bed) MAN 10518 S.P 50 T
2. Low Loader 5 Axle (Flat Bed) MAN 11705 S.P 50 T
3. Low Loader 5 Axle (Flat Bed) MAN 10518 S.P 50 T
4. Low Loader 5 Axle (Lower Deck) SCANIA 10518 S.P 50 T
5. Low Loader 5 Axle (Lower Deck) SCANIA 10600 S.P 40 T
Delivery of Test Separator using Prime Mover with Low Loader 3 Axle (Lower Deck)
Delivery of Tube Bundle using Prime Mover with Low Loader 5 Axle (Lower Deck)


ATC operates an extensive fleet of mobile cranes, ranging from Mobile Cranes to Rough Terrain Cranes. At the higher end of the capacity scale, the division operates Liebherr Mobile Crane of up to 500 T capacity.

1. Mobile Crane TADANO PH PMA 1766 120 T
2. Rough Terrain Crane KATO PH PMA 1820 45 T
3. Rough Terrain Crane KATO WP PMA 2203 45 T
4. Mobile Crane TADANO SL PMA 25211 25 T
5. Mobile Crane TADANO WP PMA 11977 25 T
6. Mobile Crane TADANO PMA 27792 25 T
7. Mobile Crane DEMAG PH PMA 10155 300 T
8. Mobile Crane DEMAG SL PMA 20612 400 T
9. Mobile Crane LIEBHERR SL PMA 21038 500 T
Mobile Crane (120 T) in operation at Navy Base Tg. Gelang, Kuantan

Additional Facilities : Additional facilities such as Wire Slings, Web Slings, Chain Slings and Spreader Bar for various weight lifting activity.

Wire Slings
Chain Slings
Spreader Bar


ATC offers various range of Skylifts and Forklifts for logistics and warehousing industry, offering clean and robust power with almost maintenance-free operation.

1. SL PMA 22718 (TADANO) 4751 S.P 25 M
2. WP PMA 10037 (ISUZU) 4334 S.P 18 M
Skylift (25 M) in operation at Gebeng Industrial Area, Kuantan



ATC also provide innovative solutions to lift and shift tasks.It is recognised that traditional methods may not be the most efficient in certain situations and alternative approaches may be required to achieve the desired result.

One of the alternative methods available is the 1200 tons capacity Hydraulic Jacking System.

  • Hydraulic Jacking up to 1200 tons
  • Model : SJ200
  • Compact Jack Set - 50 tons
  • Super Flat Jack Set - 100 tons
  • Compact Jack Set - 150 tons
Placing of Chengal Wooden Blocks

    Additional equipments

  1. Jacking Beams up to 450 tons
  2. Chengal Wooden Block 820mm(L) x 100mm(H) x 100mm (W)
  3. Elephant Legs up to 450 tons
  4. Stool up to 500 tons
Complete jacking activity on Guard Bed



Skidding is used for moving and positioning heavy structures on a built up skid track.

A skid shoe is mounted between the structure and the skid track. With the help of a greased skid track, a special designed mechanism pulls the load over the tracks.

Arrangement of Dragon Skidding for moving heavy structure


RORO Method (Roll-on Roll-off)

RORO method is used to carry cargo, such as Pressure Vessel or Process Skids that are driven on and off using a self-propelled modular trailer.

On Board Lashing

Lashing process to prevent cargo from falling or moving. Some equipment used are chain block, lever block, shackle and buckle.

RORO Method (Roll-on Roll-off)

Cargo are placed on the stool on the barge deck before shipping.


Turntable for transporting large and long loads with capacity of 300 tons.


Bundle Puller

Bundle Puller is used to extract Heat Exchanger from its shell with capacity up to 45 tons.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Used to exert torque on a fastener to tightening or loosening of a nut connection. Nut sizing are from 60mm up to 145mm.


A platform scale that stands flush with a road and used for weighing up to 250 tons of cargo.

Flange Facing

Process of machining the faces of flanged and other types of pipe and vessel connectors sizing from 4” up to 75”


Cargo Structure

Length : 23,960 mm
Width : 8,000 mm
Height : 13,000 mm
Weight : 130 tons / unit
Quantity : 18 units
Destination : Gebeng Industrial Area to Kuantan Port, Kuantan
Delivery Date : 8th October, 15th Novenber & 7th December 2014

Tubular Pipe

Length : 85,500 mm
Width : 1,829 mm
Height : 1,829 mm
Weight : 291 tons / unit
Quantity 20 units
Destination : Pasir Gudang to Tg. Langsat Port, Johor Bahru
Delivery Date : 8th January to 12th February 2016

Upper Leg

Length : 66,000 mm
Width : 7,800 mm
Height : 7,500 mm
Weight : 630 tons / unit
Quantity 4 units
Destination : Tg. Langsat to Tg. Langsat Port, Johor Bahru
Delivery Date : 12th - 18th July 2014


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Delivery of Hydrogenation Interchanger to Kuantan Port
Delivery of Inlet Separator to Kuantan Port, Pahang
Guard Bed after painting on Multi Axle Trailer with self-propelled modular